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Creative Expression and Programs

Outlines how and why an ongoing Creative Expression program can help with emotional and creative development of children.

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We want the best for our children. We want them to grow up happy, capable and purposeful, doing things they can feel proud about.

We also want them to develop emotionally and be able to express their thoughts and individuality.

We need to work together and give them a good base. We need to give parents and teachers the power to shape their children's lives.

Support for Creative Expression

Introducing the PACT (parent teacher networking) initiative of YieldMore.org and how through their participation, support,and encouragement, our 8 week Creative Expression Program can help trigger a more free-flowing, inspired phase in the children's lives.

We believe in enabling parent / teacher communities to jointly consider the holistic development of their children, giving them the right exposure, activities and encouragement necessary to blossom into joyful, talented and purposeful individuals.

An ongoing task for schools, PTAs and parent circles, our first priority is to orient and network these. As we discover programs and activities, we share these and the groups, individual parents / teachers make a decision for the budding youngsters. The flow of suggestions is two way, with parents often contributing ideas to our network at large.

Other Supporting Programs

In a separate article, we will deal with brain science and study, but for now, suffice it to say that there are programs like Spirits Journey and Brainsync that help increase the level of function of both the left brain (Logic) and right brain (Creativity) in harmony and BOTH sides developed. Thus, for the children, Artful Skill and Skillful Art is developed.

The Sensory Enhancement Program (BRiCS) can be conducted for groups of 8 children or more and is best suited for children between the ages of 5 and 15.

About the Process

We proffer a 4 step process for developing a child's Creative Expression - one of Explore*1, Experience, Emote, Express.

Character is important and that comes from exposure (exploring) to the right ideas and stories, giving them the context (experience) to develop their own views (emotional proclivities) , skills and ambitions.

Music and poems soothe and inspires. Worldview development from exposure to Stories and Movies. Through curation, we give children an opportunity to explore this wonderful world of songs/movies/books. In the last stage, they are encouraged to express themselves.

Ideally an ongoing process right through school and college life, we have condensed this into an 8 week storytelling and poetry writing program to initiate this.

*1 - Read this article by Vinita Dawra Nangia which underscores the magic of the worlds created by Poets, Artists, Witers, Musicians and Filmmakers.