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Schools and Quality Time Classes

An invitation for schools to build better PTA networks, curate programs and create Wish Centres at school to impact children positively.

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Respected Teacher / Parent,

We would like you to join our education forum (on Google Groups) to discuss our Wish Class and other programs and ideas that we promote as well as spread word about formulae that have worked for you and courses / programs that you find useful.

The Wish Class aims to engage the children in self-chosen co and extra curricular activities in the school, both during and after school hours, in a non disruptive manner and is currently being piloted by Imran.

We request you to get your parents and teachers to interact more frequently and network with other PTA groups from other schools on our forum.

Ask for a sample wish class which can be arranged online.

Ask us to organize online workshops.

Form a Core Group of teachers and parents to find more #JoyfulLearningActivities for the students.

Try and make the children truly enthusiastic about what they are learning and guide their all round emotional, spiritual and social development.

Imran, 8 April 2020 & 28 Feb 2021