ENABLER is an emerging movement and a voluntary welfare initiative committed to empower marginalised groups and members of economically weaker sections of society with knowledge, skills, and a host of resources and referrals needed to strive and excel in the ever-changing world of today.

Initiated, propelled and powered by professionals with vision, energy, experience, resources and the spirit to rise above the usual, ENABLER is rapidly gathering momentum as a socio-economic movement, creating opportunities to move forward.

The aim of ENABLER is to produce high caliber individuals committed to establish a society based on Truth, Justice, Equality, and Fairness, beyond the borders of social class, caste, creed and religion viewing humanity and the World as one Global Entity.

Our Services

  1. "Economic stimulus" programs and activities
  2. Crisis intervention
  3. Individual / Family counselling
  4. Sponsorship of students / trainees pursuing careers and jobs
  5. Design and development of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects
  6. Referral services (related to internship, training and employment)
  7. Information & assistance
  8. Resource mobilisation (both material and financial)
  9. Production of documentary films related to socio-economic issues
  10. Production of teaching materials for print and digital purposes
  1. Liaison / representation with government departments / hospitals / police / NGOs / Employer etc.
  2. News producers for Social Media
  3. Working with entrepreneurs to produce realistic curriculum to make education and training more relevant, purposeful and meaningful
  4. Research - Educational research / trade / consumer research
  5. Supporting garbage segregation and recycling initiatives
  6. Repositioning business and brands
  7. Grooming aspiring individuals to become responsible and accountable leaders