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Welcome to YieldMore.org, an organization thats all about promoting others. You may enable / SUPPORT / register existing charities, discuss Wellbeing, Homeschooling or Peer Education, join Imran's Wish Class or have us promote YOUR OWN program / initiative. Dont miss our Country Roads Initiative or Imran's Blog.
RANDOM QUOTE: Evolution is not finished; reason is not the last word...

Welcome to YieldMore.org, the place where we bring ideas to life. We are an information portal that's dedicated to helping individual and social growth.

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How can you catalyse change?

Heroes need for their stories to be told. Organizations need to attract the right sort of believers, supporters etc. People need to share their stories, heal from the trauma of the past / the social issues that burn close to their hearts, find like minded people to espouse their cause and an easy way to find sincere people whose work to expand on / augment.

As per the divine plan, there's already plenty of Acts of Kindness going around in the world. We need these acts to be magnified and become a part of everyday life.

We need that magical number of 700,000 people to grow manifold. The surest way to convince someone about the Life Divine is to reach out and touch them - a commitment to love our fellow creatures - show it, do it, mean it.

- Imran, Catalyst, 15 Oct 2020

How can wishes take wing?

Children soak up ideas like a sponge, and can see far by "standing on the shoulders of giants" to use an expression by Sir Isaac Newton.

The best vehicle for ideas are books, movies and songs. If I have seen far, it is by virtue of the content it has been my privilege to read, watch and listen to.

We are all "wending our way to the same goal" - one of harmony and mutual good feeling. The Upanishads implore, if you know, teach. With WoW in schools, we ask our parents, teachers and facilitators to come teach what they know to our children. A wish class can be conducted by anyone who is patient and supportive and wants to interact with youngsters.

- Imran, Wishes Take Wing, 21 April 2020

Joyland / Joyful Earth Welcome Note

There will be (as there have been always) places on Earth that seem otherworldly. Where the ambience is pregnant with the promise of a moment and a dream fulfilled. Fulfilled with a moment's worth of distance run, for that the art, to live fully and consciously IN THE MOMENT.

Long ponder just who you want to be. Feel perplexed, baffled, dissuaded and despondent in your "trapped today" but then shake off the malady and come back to life, overcoming obstacles and gaining confidence - with ease.

Reach out and touch people, build relationships, be kind to yourself and the rest will follow...

- Imran, Joyland Welcome - Coimbatore, 16th Feb 2020

Cry Liberty and Integrationism

Dear Brothers and Sisters of India, in the name of the collective wisdom of the universe, I beseech you not to identify as originators of it. It's divisive and not in keeping with its true spirit.

Ideology was intended to expand consciousness and liberate, not breed infighting. Our greatest strength has always been our gifting of Jnana freely for the common good. Such was the character of Jagdish Chandra Bose and Nikola Tesla.

The vast ocean of truth lies before us, to be tested and put to the soul's uses. The voyage is of self discovery and joy in each other's uniqueness.

- Imran, Cry Liberty, 16th Feb 2020

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