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Help the Homeless

There are 60 shelter homes in Chennai, take the homeless there and then volunteer to help them rehabilitate.

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Helping People find Homes

In the last 10 years, 50 shelter homes have been setup across Chennai to provide a place to stay for the homeless from the streets.

If you find someone on the road who is having a handicap / suffering from mental illness / sleeping on the streets / begging, kindly speak to them and ask if they would like to be taken to the nearest shelter where they will be given accommodation, access to toilet and bathing facilities and 3 good meals per day?

If they are willing, go onto yieldmore.org/data/chennai-shelters/ , find the nearest one and call them. Give them the location and name of the person you are helping and send a photo to them as well. If possible, wait until they are collected. Make a note of their name so you can follow up on their condition in the coming months.

It could be an elderly person that reminds you of your parents or grandparents. It could be someone handicapped who reminds you of a classmate. Whatever the age or problem of the person, try and feel sympathy to their condition and help them as best you can.

If you do not have the time to help, do click a photo and send it to Imran at +919841223313 and we can track the location from the GPS coordinates embedded in the image file.

Raising Awareness

Please share this with any Churches, Mosques, Temples, Residential Associations, NGOs and friends


Some volunteers, led by Saify Saraiya on +919884087860 are undertaking to create a bonding with the inmates of 50 shelters across Chennai and the volunteers try and help them feel better, get rehabilitated, trained with some skill and found a situation where they can become contributing members to society.

Card to be given to Homeless to make next citizen aware.

Details of shelter homes to be found here.