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Click Open PDF above to see this booklet Imagine a world without electricity. Ranging from providing lights to powering up your cell phone, electricity is an indispensible part of the modern existence. Electricity is an energy which drives the wheel of the modern world. There are reasons why we have to save electricity and reserve them for our future generation. 1. Sources of electricity are likely to deplete - It is true that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. But the sources from which the energy is harnessed are likely to deplete. For instance, coal which directly contributes to the generation of electricity is depleting in a big way. Obviously, wastage is contributing to the same. This makes it necessary to save electricity. 2. Helps to conserve natural resources - making way for cost efficiency: Thus, ultimately it aids the conservation of natural resources, helping you realize its potential value. Restrained use of natural resources is ultimately effective for your pocket. 3. Saving of electricity and eco-friendliness - Careful use of electricity reduces the impact of pollution. Obviously by minimizing the use of energy producing sources of nature, you are adding an edge to the natural greenery. Babu Krishnamurthy, December 2019