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RANDOM QUOTE: Disciple: What is insight into one's true nature?

Imran tries to Heal

Page of Imran which talks not just of emotional / physical hurts but societal and environmental hurts as well.

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Once dubbed "Friar Imran", I stand today tired of the people and devices that stress and divide us. Integration, Involved Helping and Spiritual Democracy / Harmony are what I commit my life to. A powerful expression of love as it springs forth spontaneously in the world around.

YieldMore.org, inspired by "Auroville" is a place of "neverending progress", dedicated to ALL OF HUMANITY, working in its own small way that the Divine should manifest sooner on Earth. A place for "Joyful Learning", "Integral Healing" and "Involved Helping". My message keep smiling remains unspoken.

I now set out to "win friends over" to the cause of Happiness, Joy and Peace for everyone with the motto "Simply Love". A peacemaker / pacifist, I preach from the "Gospel of Love" wherever I find too much "Chaos" in the world.

[From: 2019 April Profile]

It is possible to look past the temporal and build structures that echo the magnificence of the spirit or astral world. That is exactly what Tolkien embodied in his character Niggle whose created landscape late came to be called Niggle's Parish. Join me as I offer myself to similar purpose.

Let my voice one day ring out across the rooftops of the world as I come into my own. One day soon, and with your encouragement and help, it will happen!

Satyameva Jayathe - Let Truth and Beauty Triumph