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Amadeus Converse

Let visitors engage you with prebuilt crafted messages. Know More with our FAQs. Contact Imran to be listed here.

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What is Amadeus Converse?

A way for Brands, Charities, Social Workers, Leaders and Professionals / Influencers to increase the amount of relevant conversations their visitors have with them either on Email / IM / Social Media.
This is roadmapped for release in Q1 of 2021 with a target on the not for profit sector (in keeping with YieldMore.org's vision)

Will I have to stop using my existing Social Media in favour of a particular one or an email?

No, the post builder will let your visitor quickly create a message, filling in blanks as indicated by you and then post them to one of your listed social media / as an email / IM.

Is this a new kind of social media?

Nope, its a way for organizations / influencers to increase quality conversation with their followers, clients, volunteers etc on EXISTING social media

Can I integrate it on my website

Normally you would let us host it for you.
Additionally you can embed the iframe of yieldmore.org/conversations/?id=[fol] or set it up on your own site. This is self contained and outside Amadeus Web Builder

What are hashtags?

A way for Social Media to tag a post / do metrics and see what is trending.

With what license is it given?

Free for personal and not-for-profits, we would insist on a token donation. For commercial use, you would have to contact us individually

How can Tech Organizations or Digital Agencies help Converse?

Yes, by adopting it for their customers, on their websites, in their CSR initiatives, for their events, integrating it wtih other CMSes (that produce json feeds) etc

What are the special terms you use - a Glossary of sorts.

SM = Social Media. IM = Instant Messaging. Amadeus = The Website Builder that YieldMore.org is built on. PHP is the technology it uses and JSON files contain all information about the influencer, charity or topic, their various social media handles andthe post templates (conversation starters)

How much funding do you need?

YM is a not-for-profit built up in the spare time of Imran, If we could raise $750 (development), $2000 (support the first batch of users) and an additional $5000 to reach a wider audience and do a little Social Media Marketing of our own, we would be very happy.

Who is the Developer of Amadeus, YieldMore and Converse

Imran Ali Namazi, Founder of YieldMore.org and CoFounder at Panishq Solutions

When / why was it conceived?

In Nov 2019, as a way to help Charities achieve a larger digital footprint and help yieldmore improve its relevance